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We have been the go-to printing company, from East Coast to West Coast top brands and designers for over 40 years, rising to the challenge of producing unique and creative custom materials. We know a great deal of hard work went into your concept. highresolution® will execute to perfection, applying the right combination of technology, techniques, and creative finishing to achieve remarkable, and often award-winning, results. Our loyal customers know they can count on white-glove service and flawless production of their high-end packaging. For our new customers, we delight in partnering to achieve a creative vision and sharing the educational knowledge that makes projects come to life. Learn more about our work process by following highresolution printing’s LinkedIn Page here.

highresolution® printing is the ‘go to’ company for all your printing needs.

  • Printing
  • Displays
  • Packaging
  • Augmented Reality

Make your brand impact memorable. highresolution® makes sure your collateral reflects the class and quality of your company with identity packages that flatter your brand. We know that details matter, and can show you how different combinations of offset or digital printing, engraving, hot stamping, embossing, debossing, and die cutting can make your luxury printing production one-of-a-kind. We even have full bindery and mailing capabilities.

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Make them spot your brand from far and wide. Banners have become one of the most useful forms of brand identification. Displayed in retail stores, hanging at sports events and museums, flanking point-of-purchase setups, or forming the backdrop of trade show installations, banners call attention to your brand. We apply high-end printing and production processes including digital sublimation, screen printing, and offset dye sublimation printing to achieve brilliant, bright, crisp colors. highresolution® also provides banner stands, dowels, and grommets to accommodate virtually any display type.

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Equipment for every application. Specialty packaging is both an art and a science. highresolution’s® experienced team manipulate the latest technology to print clear, crisp graphics to fabrics and textile coverings for eye-catching luxury packaging. Our state-of-the-art 3-D comping services allow you to see exactly what your production will look like before moving forward. We work with high-end packaging partners in the U.S. and China that can accommodate all substrates, simple and intricate, paper and plastic.

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Enhance your impact with a virtual experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) Programs work with apps to market your brand to smart phone and tablet users in unique ways. AR can be used for:

Advertising: Promote products via interactive AR applications.

Industrial: Compare digital mock-ups with physical mock-ups to identify discrepancies.

Military and Emergency Services: Get real-time information such as instructions, maps, enemy locations, and fire cells via wearable AR devices.

Art: Create art in real time, integrating media such as painting, drawing and modeling.

Architecture: Simulate planned construction projects.

Sightseeing: Include labels or text related to the objects/places visited.

History: Apply past surroundings or battle reenactments onto current landscapes.

Collaboration: Facilitate communication among distributed team members via conferences with real and virtual participants.

Entertainment and Education: Create virtual objects in museums and exhibitions, theme park attractions, and books.

Commerce: Show products in various stages. For example, Legos are fitted with a QR code which shows the construction when assembled.

Performance: Allow listeners to add their performance to other bands/user groups.

Translation: Provide dynamic subtitles in the user's language.

Performance: Artists can allow listeners to augment their listening experience by adding their performance to that of other bands/groups of users.

Translation: AR systems can provide dynamic subtitles in the user's language


Our printing and packaging has been winning awards with clients for over 40 years.

highresolution® has garnered more than 50 industry and design awards for our clients. It is our attention to detail in the finer points of digital and offset printing, screen printing, engraving, and creative finishing (like hot stamping, embossing, debossing and die cutting) that set our work apart from the competition, and has put clients like these in the limelight:

  • Agency Sacks
    Leading Hotels of the World Media Kits
    Peninsula Hotels 'Portraits of Peninsula' Campaign
    Leading Hotels Of the World Gift Certificate Kit
  • Leading Hotels Of the World
    Media Kits
    Leading by Design Books
  • Tiffany and Company
    Magnificent Tiffany Silver Invitations and Presentation Folder
    ​Louis Comfort Invitations​ and Presentation Folders
    Gehry Matchbook Style Brochure
    Celebration with Diamonds Packaging and Catalog
  • Ritz Carlton
    Food and Beverage Presentation Holder
  • American Red Cross
    Gala Invitational Package
  • Departures Magazine
    Centurion .8 Percent Launch Brochure
  • Barnes and Noble
    Community News Letter
  • The Morgan Library & Museum
    Thaw Collection Calendar of Events
    Morgan Library Annual Reports
  • American Natural History Museum
    General Rebranding Brochures
    Sacred Arts of Vodou Exhibit Guide
  • Hearst Magazines
    Hearst Wrapping Paper Production
    Hearst Power Packages Marketing Kit
    Foster Invitations with Lexan Inserts
  • God's Love We Deliver
    Yearly Calendars
  • Turner Entertainment
    David Levy Holiday Cards

We make your life easier; printing is rooted in our history.

  • David Drucker
    Founder & CEO
  • Jeff Kaminsky
    Executive Vice President
  • Dan Rapp (retired)
    Vice President of Sales
David Drucker
Founder & CEO

David Drucker is the secret weapon of blue chip brand managers, delivering results that impact the influence of their brands. He brings deep technical knowledge of specialty printing, high-end packaging and design together to produce some of the most memorable work in the printing field.

David’s passion drives him to take an entrepreneurial interest in his clients' success, partnering at a strategic level to develop smart, elegant, edgy marketing that stands out. His clients call him the Guru of Printing, and return again and again for new ideas and fresh solutions. “When someone looks at it and says “Wow,” we’ve done our job.”

Jeff Kaminsky
Executive Vice President

Jeff Kaminsky comes to highresolution with many years of experience and expertise in account development and client service within the printing and direct mail industries. He has worked with many of the creative icons of cable television, launching and promoting their brands. Jeff’s standards of service and high quality work has earned him a loyal following in the creative and print production community. Jeff will always go the extra mile and work closely with his clients to deliver an excellent product.

Dan Rapp (retired)
Vice President of Sales

Dan Rapp was born with ink in his veins, representing the third generation of his family in the high-end printing business. He has been devoted to printing for 40 years, and a vital cog at highresolution® for 15 years.

Dan’s unmatched knowledge of what attracts attention across design, advertising, PR, direct mail, POP, packaging and marketing has enhanced the brand equity of clients across a large spectrum of industries. He has produced award-winning projects, high-end products, and unique campaigns for fashion, jewelry, hospitality, dining, nonprofit, technology, art, auction house, pharmaceuticals, publishing and more. Ask him what he’s done in your industry.

Let us help you execute your concept.

We take the time to understand your business and your consumers’ motivations in order to visually represent your brand in a way that reflects your superiority, worth, and culture. highresolution® won’t rest until your end result is exactly how you envisioned. Contact us today for more information.

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East Coast: David Drucker. T 732.740.0560    E

West Coast: Jeff Kaminsky. T 480.714.2139   E